Lingerie Reseller’s Start-Up Kit from an Experienced Wholesale Dealer

Are you new to the lingerie or apparel industry? Extending your current clothing line to include gorgeous lingerie? Or a veteran of women’s clothing but looking to reload your inventory? The Lingerie Center is able to provide you with what you will need to cater to the market you are looking serve.

From our years of experience selling lingerie wholesale we have found that there are a few items that most resellers order as they start out (and not surprisingly these are the items that they tend to re-order the most). Many resellers choose to buy these lingerie items upfront not only because they are popular with their clients. By showcasing an extended stock of lingerie to customers they start to see that with the multitude of choices there is something for them in the store.

With all that in mind, here’s a look at a typical start-up kit for a lingerie reseller:

  • Bras (8 styles)
  • lingerie shopping
  • Panties (5 styles)
  • Bra & Panty Sets (2 Styles)
  • Thongs (3 styles)
  • Chemises (5 styles)
  • Baby Doll Sets (2 styles)
  • Camisoles (2 styles)
  • Bustiers (1 style)
  • Girdles / Control Items (2 styles)

If your businesses looking to extend the products it offers, other items you may want to consider are:

  • Swimwear (4 styles)
  • Clubwear (5 styles)
  • Costumes (3 styles)

One thing to remember when you’ve reached the point in your business when it’s time to choose the lingerie you will order from a wholesaler is the type of customer you wish to serve. Are you a specialty shop catering to plus size women? Is the lingerie going to be part of a broader line of clothing for conservative women? Or are you going to be a general lingerie shop looking to fill the needs of women of all styles, ages and sizes? This will help you narrow down the sizes, colors and styles that you will need to order for your business to start up.

Now it’s time to start looking for specific lingerie products in our online catalog to fill your inventory today. If you are looking to carry something unique that you don’t see in our catalog, let us know and we will see what we can do to meet your needs.