"Icy Hot Dotty My Dear" Microfiber Boyleg With Polka Dot Overlay On Lace With Lace Trim Wholesale:Was $2.25 On Sale $1.70 Each NEW PRICE $1

Regular Price: $2.25
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Part Number: ICH2657

Description: This is very high quality item that is priced very competitively. Made for high end dept stores and boutique. This beautiful boyleg is microfiber with polka dot overlay on lace with beautiful lace trim and ribbon. Assorted sizes an pack of six. The fabric is 85% polyester, 15% spandex. See below for back view. With hangers,ready for for sale. Do not miss out on this!!

Colors: As Seen In Image Blue

Sizes: S/1, M/2,L/2, XL/1

Suggested Retail: 11.99 and Up

Availability: Immediate

Min Order: 6 Boyleg

Ships in: 1 Day